In Play Sports Outcomes Analysis

This project is about the enabler for serving up live real time in play match outcome analysis

It is served up both through a web application as well as through a secured subscription based API service.

Taking Soccer as an example
Key outcome indicators are supplied in real time based on the ability of teams to respond to various events that arise in a game.

This is taking account of both remaining time and the current status of the fixture.
The underlying analysis will look to provide indicators based on all the following factors plus more

  • How a team has fared subsequently in the game having scored the first goal
  • How a team has fared subsequently in the game having conceded the first goal
  • How a team can respond to being behind in games (allowing for the remaining time)
  • How well a team is able to score outome changing goals (especialy towards the end of the game)

This analysis is a game changer for anybody with an interest in sports outcomes and how events can unfold depending on their status at any given time.

It brings new concepts for people to consider around the abilty of teams and players to improve their predicament within  game based on other factors that are in play

Outcome altering scores/phases of play

These occur when teams/players achieve something that can lead to a improved final outcome.

Positively this can be eqauliser or a score that takes them to a winning positition

Negatively it can be the concession of a score that can adversely affect their final position