Focussing primarily on startups and organisations looking to transition beyond the initial growth phase, Datreks  is primed to do a deep dive assessment around existing processes and methodologies. 

The objective of this is to produce guidance which is laden with either process or technology based improvements, all of which draw from the past experiences and competencies of the consultants in our network.



Based in Sheffield South Yorkshire, Datreks Ltd was formed by Andrew Dineen.

Its primary goal is to enable clients to both innovate and disrupt through the landscape of a rapidly evolving digital world.
With an advantage of being lean and emphasis on efficiency and speed, Datreks is well positioned to offer quality and cost effective business advice/solutions with viable lead times and at competitive rates.


Start Ups

Datreks has access to personnel who have already completed the journey from startup to exit so is well equipped to advise on how to embark on this journey and steer clear of  its pitfalls

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Agile practices and principles come in many forms.

 Datreks can help organisations to identify the blend/mix of these which best suit their make up and people infrastructure.

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           Business Intelligence

With over 30 years of experience in this discipline, Datreks can call on real human intelligence in areas where even AI has less traction

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Datreks can call upon many key skills and experiences which aspiring businesses can lever in order to accelerate growth and remain competitive in the fast evolving digital world

These can be classified as follows.

  • Identifying monetisation opportunities
  • Identifying process optimisations
  • Exploiting technology innovation advantages
  • Identifying and evaluating 'Good Fit' partners
  • Identifying  product development processes that align to the needs of a business
  • Recruitment of IT talent to match up with nature of projects being delivered
  • Technology solution experience
  • Technology choice knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Gaining efficiencies through scrappy, agile, and smart trade-offs (risk tolerance)